Custom Pallet, Box, and Crate Products and Services | MEP Wood Products


Custom Crates

MEP Wood Products is able to manufacture a custom crate just the correct size for all of your shipping needs. This can include crates to fit heavy pieces of machinery to small mechanical pieces. We will custom build your crate to your exact dimensions for one-way shipping or re-usable shipping.

Custom Pallets

MEP Wood Products will manufacture a pallet for you or your company that can be built to any specification and quantity for your shipping needs.

Wood Boxes

We are able to design and manufacture all different sizes and shapes of Wood. We can assemble the boxes with removable tops or ends for all of your shipping needs.



MEP Wood Products offers various delivery options for customers who order custom made wood crates, wood boxes, or custom wood pallets.

Heat Treating

By request, Heat Treating is available for all of our wood crates, wood boxes, and custom wood pallets.

Scrap Pallet Removal

Do you have Pallets that you aren’t using anymore? All of the removed wood will be recycled and reused in new custom pallets and crates.